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Active Management Exposed

I read a few articles recently that promoted the view that active management is superior to passive management. “Why settle on mediocrity?” suggested the article. Another article suggested that markets aren’t completely efficient and can be exploited by active managers and this led to their conclusion that active management is superior. Both the mediocrity claim and the efficient market claim can be true and still passive management can be superior to active management. An index fund will never be the top performer in any given year. This is as true as the average mark on a test can never be the highest mark if there is any variability around the average. The fact that index investing ca

We Get Better & Smarter Over Time & Generations But...

I have said and demonstrated that if left alone equity markets rise over time. The lines trend upward over time with periodic downtrends. The downtrends may be dramatic and painful but they are relatively short and the long term up trend remains. The uptrend remains in place for fundamental reasons. We get smarter and better at what we do over time and generations. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where this won’t be the case. The uptrend in equity valuations will continue. There is one thing that can derail this. Politicians or, better stated, bad policy implemented by likely well-intentioned politicians. Bad policy happens. One need look no further than to Venezuela over the

The Online Broker For You

To BYOFA you will need an online broker. I've linked to a Money Sense comparison of online brokers in Canada. There are a couple of things to consider. BYOFA advocates a buy and hold strategy utilizing broad market, passively managed, low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Buy and hold strategies imply that you won't be trading much. Consequently, cost per trade is less important compared to an active trader. All the main banks in Canada have their own online banking platform. Your first platform to consider should by your bank's online platform. There isn't much difference between the major banks platforms. Here is the link to the Money Sense comparison.