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What We Do

Cost Analysis On Your Portfolio - We determine how much you are paying with your current portfolio.

Alternative Portfolio Cost – We determine and present a portfolio with a similar risk reward ratio that is fully invested in low-cost, broad-market, passively-managed, ETFs and potentially GICs and compare the cost with your current portfolio.

Assistance With Online Brokerage Set up – We ease the cumbersome and frustrating process of setting up the proper accounts with an online broker, typically with one of the big 6 banks.

We typically do the above for a flat fee of $150.  For $150 we will have a conversation and if you choose to proceed you will end up with a low cost, fully indexed investment portfolio, and potentially GICs, in all accounts at an online brokerage of your choice.   

Send an email to for questions or comments to get the process started.


What We Don’t Do

We Don’t Manage Your Money.

We Don’t Place Trades For You – but we will assist you with the initial trades that set up your new portfolio.

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